How Much hair is needed?

A full sewin with virgin hair is usually 9 to 10 ounces, depending on the length you can have a full sew in with two bundles. Usually for lengths of 14” to 18” you would need two bundles, lengths between 18”-24” you will need approximately 3 bundles, for lengths 24”- 30” you will need approximately 4 bundles. Each bundle is 3.5oz. Please keep in mind that the longer the length the shorter the wefts are.


Can the hair be colored?

Yes. Virgin hair can be colored however, once hair is colored, it is no longer in its virgin state. It is best to seek a professional about coloring your bundles.


How Long does the hair last?

Your hair can last for a very long time, you have to be sure to take very good care of your hair. Some of our customers have their hair for up to 2 years. For maximum use out of your hair, be sure to take great care of the hair, conditioned and moisturized.